Review of Red Gill Lures 2017 
I used RedGill lures for years in the UK. In the early days 40+ years ago they were the go-to lure for Bass around the IOW, after that we started using them on wrecks where once again they were deadly.
Due to the nature of the game many lures were lost over the wrecks and never really knowing what colour would be the favourite on that meant I always had a big selection of colours.
When I moved out to Australia I pretty much went with the locally used lures and styles but every now and then popped a RedGill in the mix which always seemed to do OK.
These days many areas are getting overfished as well as some species quickly becoming shy to certain lures. At this point the humble old RedGills are now out fishing anything else I have in my box. On yellowtail kingfish with heavier upgraded hooks these lures are catching while other boats are heading home after a fruitless day.
All the tuna species in my area seem to like them on days when the striped tuna we use as marlin bait are picky the RedGill still gets them turned on.
Not sure if they still make these bigger ones but if they do I will certainly be ordering a few more in the future especially in the red head white tail.
Brighton's Annual Pollock Competition 2015 
17th March was the date set for Brighton's annual pollock competition. 
The day started off a bit cold but in excess of 150 anglers and 25 charter and private boats lined up for the 8am start. 
All boats raced out to the wrecks and fished hard hoping to have the biggest fish at the 4pm weigh in. 
Armed with a box of various Red Gill lures I was fishing on the event organiser's boat Brighton Diver. 
From the off we were into double figure fish with the best over 12lb falling to a Bubblegum Pink Red Gill. 
A great days fishing with boats from ports as far as Dover joining in. 
To top it off the competition raised over £1600 for the local lifeboat. 
Alan Milford.  
Sea Bass Success for Philip Dangelo 
11 July 2013 
Hi I would just like to say your Red Gill lures are the best thing I have ever used they catch sea bass all the while the cost is superb. I use the pearl white 115m, I cant believe the success i have had with them. Red Gill is a lure that says what it does on the tin. Fantastic keep up the good work, thanks Phil. 
High Praise From Experienced Angler 
12 July 2011 
"My name is Neil Stevens and I am a highly experienced sea angler based in Cardiff, South Wales. I have been sea angling for nearly twenty years, both boat and shore. I have been using Redgill lures for as long as I care to remember and my box at home contains virtually every pattern of imitation lure Redgill has ever produced! I have achieved some spectacular results using Redgills including landing pollack to 18lb, Cod to 23lb, Bass to 11lb, and Ling to 16lb all from the boat. Such is my total confidence and belief in Redgill lures that I use absolutely no other imitation lures when out wrecking and reefing on the boats. 
Perhaps I should also mention the number of different species your products have helped me catch, the list is vast and includes Cod, Bass, Pollack, Ling, Coalfish, Wrasse, Whiting, Pouting, Mackerel, Garfish, Gurnard, Turbot and Black Bream to name just some! Redgills are without doubt my first choice whenever and wherever predatory fish occur, they consistently outfish and outperform inferior imitations, indeed on occasions they have even been more effective than live sandeels fished for Pollack and Bass on the drift. 
And might I also add that it would seem your customer service is the equal of your products and that is the very highest accolade I can give."