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Testing Red Gills - Ian Mclean, England International boat angler. 

Testing Red Gills - Ian Mclean, England International boat angler. 
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09:48, Wednesday 08 June 2011 
Most anglers will admit that there is a colour or lure type that they prefer, orange, black, white or even the previously considered unlikely bubblegum pink for example. Such angler choices are partly personal preference but also born out of previous successful use. 
Add to that the number of sizes available for each colour and lure type and it can be a daunting challenge identifying which one to use. 
With this background it was with great anticipation that we received a number of the new EVO lures in both the 115mm and 178mm sizes from Alex McDonald at Red Gill to test drive and evaluate. 
First impressions of the new lures was good, a soft latex type body in the form of the original Red Gill with the addition of an internal weight and hook, the colouring was strong and everything seemed nicely balanced. The only initial concern was how long they would last given the supple rubber? 
A lot of reports about lure successes revolve around one or two fishing trips and how well the new ‘toys’ work. We decided that whilst this option was valid, we would take a longer timescale to come to our conclusions. Further more we also concluded that a wider choice of fishing venues would lead to a better and more reliable view. 
Well two years later, the results are becoming clear. 
The lures have been used in the Home International events in Scotland and Ireland where pollack and coalfish were recorded in large numbers, with ling being taken as well. 
Plymouth, Dartmouth, Torbay and Weymouth have all seen the lures in action and again the evidence of success came in the catches with similar fish being taken with the addition of significant numbers of cod and bass to add to the list. In fact on one occasion the 115mm EVO in white out fished live sand eels on a recent bass trip from Weymouth. 
As to the fragility of the lures, this question was soon answered on the first and subsequent trips where they stood up very well to the task, catching fish after fish. The supple material was pleasingly resilient. 
Back to the issues of size and colour. 
As would be expected most of the bigger fish out deep on the wrecks have come to the larger lures, but a surprising number of good fish came to the smaller size as well. This was clearly demonstrated when we had a trip on Gemini in November for the Pollock, where the 115mm bubblegum pink was used by one angler and caught more Pollock than the rest of the anglers by three to one. 
Inshore the smaller size lures took significantly more fish, as would be expected when considering the general size of the target fish is reduced. There is a clear message here that size does not always count! Be prepared to go down a size or two and see what happens. 
As to the best colour to use, well simply put, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are three key issues to lure colours, one is knowledge of the venue, the second is angler confidence and the third is a wide selection to choose from when the fish do not respond as planned! 
There is no point in going out for a days wrecking with the obligatory rhubarb and custard lures only to find that the fish for some unknown reason have moved to white, blue or pink and that further the preferred lure is now a shad or pilchard rather than a sand eel! A range of lures is essential. There is nothing more frustrating than watching the angler next to you catching fish regularly and you simply cannot get a take because you do not have the preferred colour. 
Anglers read all manner of reports, magazines and listen to what the knowledgeable skippers have to say in trying to determine what works best or should I say what worked best yesterday or the day before. 
Sadly fish don’t read and ultimately they choose what to go for! 
Steve Souter has published an excellent article on colours already and I will not duplicate his views in this article, but I recommend that you read it. 
The clear message is get a selection of quality lures ready and be prepared to adapt. 
Red Gill have an excellent pedigree of lure production and over the years this has provided anglers with continuous success. 
Just like any business they have moved forward, taking on lure development to keep them at the cutting edge of new techniques and methodology. The new EVOs, leadhead V8’s and Pilchards are a prime example of this. 
The new EVOs present extremely well in the water and as a consequence the fish are more likely to take when natural movement is properly replicated. 
Get yourself well prepared and you will be more likely to succeed! 
Ian McLean 
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